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Thread: Doing a map together

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    Post Doing a map together

    Usually we do maps all alone, without anyone else directly taking part to the creation process etc. How about if we had a challenge where people would do a map in pairs with a random participant? I think that this kind of challenge would probably be a great learning experience for many, and it would also be a good opportunity to get to know other people on the forum. This mapping challenge suggestion doesn't really work on it's own, but It has to be combined to other suggestion, as we need an a theme for the challenge also.

    As the map would have to be done together with someone else, so people would need to think about filesize, filetypes etc also. It would also be good if the participants would do a short report in the end of the challenge, how they have taken part in the creation of the map (could be also done on the go). That would be also taken into account when evaluating the maps. Sounds fun? What do you all think about the idea?

    Short version:
    -maps done in random pairs
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    That's actually a rather neat idea.
    Having collaborated recently on a project in this manner, i think I'm ready

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    The best part is that it would remove the "veteran" factor. We've got some incredible mappers here that can easily take down a less experienced mapper in a contest. This changes that though since they have to work with someone who could very well be well below them in mapping know-how. You can be the best mapper in the world and you won't get nowhere if you can't communicate with your partner...

    tl;dr version - I fully approve.
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    What I like about this idea is that it takes communication outside of the guild to get it done as well as compromises here n there...much like commission work. It would serve as a feet-wetting exercise, an intro, primer for getting used to that kind of back n forth workflow.
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    The idea is appealing, but I am afraid not many people would participate... I did vote yes, though
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    That's a brilliant idea. I'd love to try this.

    The only downside is a lot more work for the moderators.

    You would have to take applications beforehand, then put the teams together before starting.
    Could be done a month in advance, I guess.

    You would also have to find a good way to handle dropouts.
    Maybe have a queue of interested people who missed the application deadline for filling in potential vacant spots.

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    Maybe you could use a map-within-a-map scenario. For example, you could have a regional overland map but there would be a framed area with a city-scale map showing a close-up on one of the places marked on the overland map. One mapper would be resposible for the overland map and the other one for the town/castle/etc map.

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    It would be more interesting if they would have to work on the same map

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    How do you make sure that both put in nearly equal effort though? It could easily slip to one mapper doing most of the work.

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