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Thread: Scepter Tower Of Spellgard to Thunderspire Labyrinth Mod

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    I am currently working through the FR1 - Scepter Tower of Spellgard module with my group and when we finish it I'd like to move into the H# series of modules, specifically H2 - Thunderspire Labyrinth. Converting H2 to the Forgotten Realms setting is not an issue, but the problem I'm having comes up with how to work the story in a way that gets the characters from Lady Sarahel at Spellgard to Thunderspire Mountain 700 miles away WITHOUT gaining a level hahahaha.

    I would greatly appreciate some brainstorming to help with this! If you need any more character background, etc... let me know!

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    Well, there's always the good ole standby of a teleport trap or similar DM's fiat.

    Failing that, you could say someone from Spellguard is requestiong the players to deliver something to the Seven Pillared Hall (one of the Hooks in the Modulae, just change the names) and say they used a Teleport Circle to get there.
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