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    I have a image(map) That i need to scretch by 25000 x 25000 pixels.
    I than need to place a grid of 1000 x 1000 of 25 x 25 squares. 1 million squares.

    I need to do this in a text edit type program.. so in the grids i can place letters, to make a layout of the map.

    Please do tell me how I can do this!


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    why on earth does it need to be that big?
    Or have that many cells now I come to think of it :s

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    How big is your image now? Stretching it to such immense dimensions will probably wreak havoc on its quality...
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    What image and what text edit program? Is it to be a background for a spread sheet or something?

    There are fractal stretchers that fill in gaps with some fractal interpolation. I can think of a photoshop plugin. You'll need quite the computer to stretch that far and I still think your image quality will be poor.

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    Even the fractal stretchers (there is a thread on them in the forums here) fail at a certain limit. The largest realistic enlargement you can expect is 8x from my experimentation.

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    I hope you aren't going to manually input all the information to the squares.

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    Sephirith, your sounding crazy. Why are you trying to do this ? There's almost certainly a better way of doing it. Instead of describing the process you want to take, what is the desired outcome. I mean nobody needs a 25K image made up of squares so whats it all about.

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