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    Post Oi!!!

    hello everyone,

    Im kind of shy when it comes to all this forum stuff, I have a tendency to just read and observe what others are doing but cant normally really get myself to start writing. so now after I've have used several days trying to get it together enough so I could make a prober introduction, I finally succeeded.

    the reason I stumbled into this great site is due to a fantasy story that I want to write, so I was out looking for inspiration.

    I then found this site and noticed some of the amazing maps that have been produced and shown here, and so I decided I wanted to try and create a map of the world. it turned out that it wasn't as easy as I had hoped for since I had basically never put my eyes on photoshop before I read that it was the tool that a lot of people used for mapping here.

    but after having read through a few basic guides I decided to try some of the tutorials made by the members. I failed utterly at creating the map of the continent I had planned, but yesterday I tried this one that Eneini had for creating a city and it actually went pretty well. not only did I make a map, I also got lots of ideas for my story.

    that is about all the introduction you will get for now, thou if anyone would like to help me out at getting better at this map making feel free to hit me up, because it rocks!


    - Xerox

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    Welcome to a fellow writer. What's your story about?

    For your map, I suggest you first take a pencil (and eraser!) and just sketch that bad boy out. This is not final art ... it's just planning, just getting things down on paper and in their relative positions. Then scan/foto it & post it here!

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    Welcome to the guild as I'm sure you've noticed by now, if you've been lurking, you're not alone - there are a fair number of writers here (myself not included unfortunately).

    Let's see that map

    My finished maps
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    thanks guys, ive posted it in the city mapping thingy, I think.

    as for my story, its going to be a fantasy story like any other, except that its not the evil that is lurking and threatening to take over, because that happened a long time ago. id love to tell more, but the story is so far only in my head for the most part. so its really hard to explain.

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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome to the Guild

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    Welcome to the Guild!
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