Hello Everyone (or Hail and Well met! if you prefer),

I am new to this forum and decided to introduce myself and tell you a little about me.

I have been gaming since the late 70's and found Dungeongs & Dragons around 1979 or early 1980 if I remember. Played for many years and then DM'd a campaign until the mid 90's. Met a lot of good people along the way, went to many conventions and had a lot of fun in general.

Its been a few years and I see the game has changed from when I remember it, I prefer the old school 'beer & pretzels' atmosphere of the game compared to todays 'every detail is in the rulebooks' approach, but oh well, I am not here to bash the current status of the game.

Recently a long time friend of mine had an idea to work on a world for fantasy RPG games and I picked up CC3 with some add-ons and was off. I cant say the learning curve hasnt been steep at times but its definitely been fun.

Since that time I have fleshed out my collection of old modules and games (thanks eBay!) and have begun to think about trying to put out a map and world that has a little of that old school flavor, a little fun and some humor as well as just plain old simple plot lines that lead to great adventures.

My first step has been to work on a world and I have posted my current progress in the WIP forums. I can see this is a great community with a lot of helpful people, I am sure after viewing a lot of the great maps here I will be forced to redo my map...and redo and redo

Favorite map styles were the original Greyhawk maps and of course the maps in the Tolkien books. I also enjoy old time maps of the ocean and early maps of the continents.

Anyway, thats enough jib-jab for now, looking forward to interacting with all you great people, thanks for reading my intro.