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    As part of my project to try to model the CWBP in Celestia, it'd be nice to have some basis for its planetary system: planet names and orbits, for example.

    The rudiments of astronomy, being able to use the position of the rising sun to know how soon in the spring it's safe to plant crops, will have been known from earliest times. Those ancient observers will have noticed that some of the stars are not stationary, and doubtless will have given them names, perhaps associated with the gods in their religions.

    Entries in the Wiki about the various nations often mention astrology without saying much about it. Recording the motions of the wandering stars (planets) among the equatorial constellations (what we call the zodiac) is likely to be a common thread in astrological predictions.

    Valarian's Kalpana system map could be used as a basis for the planetary system, although there doesn't seem to have been a consensus about that (or at least it hasn't been added to the Wiki). Its planetary names are just catalog designations, though, defined by the spacefarers who mapped the system.

    Is one of the current civilizations likely to be dominant in the study of the skies, affecting the others enough that its names would be preferred?
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