What is your top favorite map of a medieval village in a beautiful setting? Can you attach a link? Iíd love to see great examples from the Guild or outside.

Two separate publishers asked me to do two sets of maps each, all with deadlines at the same time. Itís too much work, and Iím trying to decide which, if either, I have time to undertake. One set is for a sci-fi setting depicting an entire planet (all sides, I'd assume) and, separately, one continent of that planet enlarged and detailed. The other is a set of two maps showing a small, medieval farming village amidst bucolic countryside in summertime. The first shows the village pristine and thriving, the second when its abandoned and being slowly retaken by nature.

Iím casting about for inspiration to help me decide, I thought Iíd ask here for everyoneís favorites. Iíll post a similar thread asking about planet and continent maps in the Regional/World Mapping forum.