Here's a section of my elven character's domain, Lord Nomad. Its a crevice within his land and he has created several buildings around it to help increase his treasury. It is part of a main road, to its West it goes to a sadistic city called, Potsville and to its East it leads to the Kings city, which is called, Cintary.

.::Crevice Picture::.


I have created [drawn] a world map of my DnD world. But for me to scan and post would take a lot of time, due to that it is 8' H x 7' L .... Yes no lie their, it is that large and till this day I have 4'1/2" H x 7' L in my possession. The other part is with my friends down south.

I would like some day to recreate this world map of mine but I do know it will take sometime learning the ins and outs of becoming a master cartographer.

This here is just something I did for a event on NWN1, when I was DMing. Its a Ancient Relic that was found on an invader of a city.

I have several more free hand drawn maps, castles and such. I just need to dig them up and once I do I will post them within this post.

Thanks fellow carographians, hopefully you all like what you see..