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    Post Northern part of the Valley (Campaign Cartographer 3)

    The Valley is a world I have been creating for a few years. At first I had only a small overland map:

    I now recreated the northern part of that map in a more regional style (meaning a lot more details). The work took 60-80 hours I think. All the labels are in Dutch.

    The Valley is a world that is enclosed by snow and ice. Most of the population lives in the area enclosed by the mountains or just outside. The northern part of the Valley is dominated a by a large lake which is fed by many different streams and rivers. The size of the lake varies during the seasons. During the summer, when a lot of snow in the mountains melts and the rivers swell, the lake floods large areas to the southwest. During winter most of the lake will be frozen. The shores are very fertile though and support several large communities.

    This map depicts three of the great cities: Concetron, Miston and Iffraon. Concetron is the largest city in the north and has become a mayor trade hub. It's also the current residence of the government of the Valley. Miston is smaller, but it's famous for its huge herds of cattle and the cattle market. Iffraon lies in more rocky territory. Its mines and fertile valleys supply it with wealth.

    In the past these great cities were ruled by wizards, who fought some violent conflicts over land and resources. One mayor resource is wood. All the forests in the Valley itself have been cut down and the forests that remain are small and planted. Larger forests can still be found outside the Valley, but they are not as easy to reach.

    I might change some things in the map later, like redoing the labeling outside of Campaign Cartographer 3 for better results, or even add some stuff (like a cartouche), but for now I consider it finished. Eventually I will add the southern part of the Valley as well.
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