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    I had originally posted in the New Members section but thought I might get a better response here. Briefly, I am in the process of revising the 2nd draft of the Third Kingdom Player's Handbook, an FRPG I have been working on. I have found an artist interested in the project who is willing to donate the artwork, and I was hoping to find someone willing to draw me a couple of maps. The artist and I have agreed that if the project makes money there will be compensation, but of course that is no sure thing.
    So I am looking for the following:
    1)Maps to be fairly simple, black and white.
    2)One continent sized map
    3)One map of a typical city (or tarl)

    If anyone is interested I would be eternally grateful. You can check out the 1st draft .pdf at Towards the end (I think, it may be an updated version, in which case the map is towards the front) you will find a rough map Alexandre (the artist) did using Campaign Cartographer . . . I am hoping for something a little more unique than that, and have no problem letting the artist have input/control over the final project (I'm pretty flexible and easy-going . . . Alexandre has free rein over the art).

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Todd, I had a flick through your Player's Handbook - that's a huge amount of work you've put into it.

    I'd be willing to give your maps a go as I'm working on a monochome style at the moment, but when you say, Black and White, do you mean Black and White only or Black, White and shades of gray? (ie grayscale). If you're after pure black and white, then I'm afraid I'm not your man, but if you want grayscale then I'd be willing to have a go. Have a look at this post to get an idea of the style (as you can see I'm using sepia there but it could just as easily be grayscale). You may have to be a bit patient though as I'm not really happy with the style and I'll need more practice to get it how I want and it will evolve some.

    The world map looks like it would be pretty straightforward based on the one in the player's handbook but I see that the Tarl/cities are huge and multilevelled. I'm afraid there is no way I would have time to map a 14 level city but I could perhaps map it on one level with a way to suggest others. I'm thinking of something along the lines of this post in terms of the style, although I think we'd have to be quite imaginative about how the structure would look given the number of levels. I'm guessing it will have more of an arcology feel than an individual house feel. That might actually make multi-levels easier to do but that's very much a bridge to cross if and when we arrive there.

    Anyway, give me a shout if you're interested, but bear in mind that I'm going to be abroad for the next 3 weeks from next week and after that my time is going to severely curtailed so this is going to be a long project. Bear in mind also that I may have to abandon the mapping altogether if R/L proves to be too much and it looks like I'll be keeping you waiting too long, but I'll happily send you the files so if you find a replacement mapper he or she is not working from a standing start.

    If I do complete the map, all I ask is that you make a donation to the guild through paypal - as much as you wish. If your project takes off and you want to sell the maps as part of it, then I'd ask for 3% royalty of every copy sold to be paid to the Guild.



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    Both those maps look great . . . I would love for you to do the project, when you have the time. Time frame is flexible, by January or February? I'm going to be printing out a 2nd draft of the PHB this fall (if you'd like a copy I can send one to you) for playtesting and final editing, and hope to have it finalized by the spring.
    In terms of a city map, the example you gave is perfect; ground level only. I'm going to try and get Alexandre to do a skyline view for artwork. The tarls in the Third Kingdom where partly inspired by classical Athens and the "Long Wall", so a tarl consists not only of an urban center but the land around, all contained within a perimeter wall. Assume the average tarl is one or two square miles, the boundary wall might be ten or fifteen miles from the city center, with small settlements scattered throughout between the wall and the urban center. So maybe two city maps; one of the entire tarl and the other of the urban center?

    Thanks again,


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    Cool! I'll print out the PHB on your site and have a read and I'll come back to you with some basic concepts.

    Are the maps to be black and white only or grayscale?

    Jan/Feb is perfect. I've got some good references for classical Athens so I'll have a look at those too.

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    That would be fantastic . . . I really appreciate it. I had forgotten to mention that grayscale is fine. When I wrote black and white what I meant was no color. And you don't have to worry about printing it out; I can send you the 1st draft now or if you want to wait until November or so I can send you the updated 2nd draft (which will have some, but not all, of the art). If you'd like me to send you a copy you can e-mail me your address at

    Thanks again,


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    I have put [taken] into the subject as it looks like Ravells will be your cartographer
    Check out my City Designer 3 tutorials. See my fantasy (city) maps in this thread.

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