(Sorry in advance for my probably poor English, I'm Italian and I try to do my best for you to have a pleasant reading and understanding)

Hi there, I follow you for a long time, struggling with myself to learn how to do some awesome map like many artists among you are able to do...

I have a campaign in my own RPG (my rules, some kind of veeeeeery light D&D) set in medieval Italy, and my PGs arrived to Albenga, a historical town in ancient Republic of Genoa. According to desires of my players (and because of my will of something different from go to cavern/ kill the goblins / return the head of their master to mayor) I decided to play the "Palio di Albenga", some kind of horse race (in Italy it's typical in Siena, maybe you've heard about it). So, the story is that PGs will stay there for about six months, and they have to choose which Contrada (city district) join and support.

Now, my problem... I have in mind how Albenga have to be, but I really don't have the ability to do a map by myself... I tried several tutorials, but I've never completed one in a decent way...

So... Here's my request!

Unpaid... I'm a poor master who wants to make my players happy and proud of their DM If I'll find a cartographer who decide to put his hand on the mouse for me, I will never stop thanking him!

Time Costraints
It's not a urgency, I told my players to wait for the map to be ready... Of course me and them will be enthusiastic if the map arrive in a short time... Ok, let's see... A week will be good?

Oh well, I would like a map in colors, 2d... But I do not want to bother anyone of you cartographers... It's all according to your best way of working!

Description of map
Let's see the concept of the city.
Albenga is a medieval city, protected by walls and with a Castle on a hill. The city developed in "layers mode", that is from the Castle on the hill towards the shore following the river, which gave the inhabitants fishes and fresh water.
So, contrades were born and developed in different times, from the elder "Borgo Vecchio" (Ancient Village) to the newest "Del Grifo" (Griffin's).
Mh... I don't think you are interested in my story for the city So back to description.




Roads are not linear, the follow natural heights; there are three bridges, that one across the little island in the river is the principal. There's a lighthouse on a cliff at the end of the river. On the little island there's a big plaza where the Palio is set once a year.

There are five contrades separated by large roads, in particular Borgo Vecchio is around the hill with the Castle, San Teodoro is around the Cathedral, Marina (Harbour) is along the coast, Del Grifo is on the plain on NW. San Michele (is not a contrade) is the Barracks, a big edifice with a even bigger courtyard for training.

The general geography of the city is: coastal town, crossed by a river with a little island, a hill NE, a big cliff on the left side of the river at the end, straight plain NW.

The point of view of the map is at your discretion; I saw a lot of "from the zenith" maps, for me that's ok this way, maybe (I said MAYBE) a little of isometric perspective will give a good taste!

Quality & Size
Obviously I don't pretend a professional work. For me is enough a nice and pleasant map, with principal and minor roads, normal buildings, some special buildings (like I said, the Castle, the Lighthouse, a Cathedral, maybe some nice plazas with monuments...) and no more.

I will print the map, obviously. Don't know your tastes, but for me it's enough a 2000x2000 px work.

The artist will own ALL rights. I will simply print the map and play it with my players

I think it's enough, I will wait for your answers! Thank you!!!!