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    Wip WIP Unnamed Place_001

    Hi there,

    I don't recall if any of you remember, as it's been almost a year since I posted. But here I am again, trying to get a campaign map for a new DnD game I am going to start soon.

    This time I kind of wanted to just draw a neat looking map, and then once I was satisfied with that, put in the cities and countries sort of -- organically. (where they would logically seem to go in the land)

    So.. here is my semi-final pass at the land itself. The scale is not in.. but it's roughly the same size as the UK in height. Please critique at your leisure, I am including the full rez version, so it's pretty big (3200x3200) so the detail can be seen.

    Obviously, you can tell I used Pasis' wonderful tutorial and techniques, and then experimented further as I went.

    Edit (hey the link to the file!)
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