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    Post Hi everybody

    Hello there.

    Ok, first : I'm french.
    I know it's realy a violent way to introduce myself but I belive it could explain some gramaticals errors, and scholar syle. You know, I still have all the clichés in my heads. Such as : ... My taylor is rich ! ... Sarah is in the kitchen ! ... Oh, it's rainy today !
    Well all that stuff, and more !

    So, now that I break one mystery we can focus on the most important : the social background.

    Generaly speaking child love all things... not my case. I was like that smurf who hated all. (I don't remember his english name. Nevermind.) I look like a geek with all the dedicated outfit. I mean the out fashioned pull over and the glasses stich with huge bottle buttom. So naturally when I grew up I became a punk whith hair revolution and pimply face. I still be nostalgic of that time. However I rather nowaday : a more calssical guy ending his studies who regurarly go to the hairdresser when the revolution come back. Best of all, I quit hating all things.

    End of the story for now.

    Post scriptum : A balalaïka is a russian traditionnal mix between banjo and guitar.
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    Welcome to The Guild, Grouchy Smurf Have fun and do us proud with some good maps.
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Welcome Balalaika.
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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome Balalaika,

    There's plenty of geeks here ! I am learning some French too but its pretty hard but you seem to be on the right track with your English. I am not aware of these cliches - are these taught as part of English lessons in France then ?

    Anyway, show us some maps !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redrobes View Post
    I am not aware of these cliches - are these taught as part of English lessons in France then ?
    Glad you asked !

    Yes : you know english teacher are in France like in an almost hostile area.
    French people in general love foreign people... but as far as the language is concern...

    So our school minister gave our braves english teachers a list of dumb descriptives sentences that actually nobody learned in his schools days. But one day, when a french goes in english speaking countries we can assist to THE DUMB SENTENCE EFFECT !
    It's when somebody speak a true english to you for the first time and the only sentence you can remember is one of the dumb sentences... Sound really like a mistery to me.

    Seriously, the fact is most specialists consider that to speak a foreign language well you have to accept to say non-senses sentences. We, the french are just socialy unable to pass this step. So here we are : the french weakness in foreign languages.
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