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Thread: Can't... Stop... Mapping...

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    Map Can't... Stop... Mapping...

    I seem to have a problem.

    It was pointed out to me by my ex girlfriend when she was cleaning up her apartment. She found over a dozen post-it notes around the place with mini maps on them.

    Stuff like this (she photographed this one to send along)
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    Oh, that's brilliant

    I've been known to leave wierd notes behind when grocery shopping or visiting friends, but never a map

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    I do the same thing for cars, super heroes, logo designs, cartoons, and ornaments but never maps. You should see a doctor and maybe they can prescribe a topical ointment to clear that up Good stuff man and keep on mappin.
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    I have these log sheets at the lab I work where I'm supposed to keep track of chemicals used, and about a dozen of them have little maps doodled on them.

    I feel your pain, Dyson.

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    Very Cool!
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    Heh, I'm like that at work. Not so much with doodled maps, but with little note about procedures and techniques to try. And, of course, I always forget them when I'm ready to head for home and try them out.

    It's all good though, cause it leaves my co-workers wondering what kind of nutcase I am.

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    That's a cool little map. I always have stacks of used paper (stuff printed on one side - flip over and use blank side) that I use to write down ideas, draw rough maps, doodle strange little creatures/character/weird designs, and so on. Often I do all of the above on the same piece of paper. No matter what room I'm in, I usually have a small stack on a clip board so I can brainstorm and jot down ideas (especially if I'm sitting in front of the TV). Once I finish reusing the paper, then it gets recycled.

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