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Thread: Dead-Ended WIP for the July Challenge

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    Post Dead-Ended WIP for the July Challenge

    I stared a rough layout for the July challenge, by reading the entire Grimm's Fairy-Tales over at Project Gutenberg

    I will not have anymore time to spend on this, so I am dropping it, but thought some might find it interesting. I just started with a blank map, and the first story. As I came across any kind of geographic reference (hill, brook, castle, town, etc.) I dropped it on the map. I also used the times proved (traveled the afternoon) to get a rough idea of distances between features using the D&D guidelines on overland travel.

    I re-used as many features as I could, intertwining them (i.e. the same village or castle from various stories was only drawn once).

    The numbers all over the map reflect the chapter (or story) number of the source I used. I got 1/2 way through before realizing I (once again) bit off way more than I could chew).

    Created in Inkscape.

    Here it is in all it's never to be finished glory

    -Rob A>

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    That is really neat! I love that approach and you actually got pretty far. Great effort and although it isn't finished it can still serve as a great resource. Thank you for sharing!
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    Yeah, I certainly enjoyed hearing about your thought processes in going to read up on Grimm and sort of taking a tour of the country.

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