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Thread: Character art needed for upcoming book release!

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    Post Character art needed for upcoming book release!

    I know many of you are artist first and Cartographers second. I had a great response here before. So here goes...

    Conflict Games is looking for an artist to illustrate 1 to 20 pre-configured fantasy characters for an upcoming Pathfinder compatible book release! Pathfinder is Paizo's OGL release of 3.5th Edition and has proven extremely popular, so this is the perfect opportunity for artists who would like to get exposure in the Role-Playing community! This is a paid commission, and payment is negotiable.

    The following is a list of one word descriptions for the types of characters we're looking for:

    - conjurer
    - blaster
    - illusionist
    - enchanter/charmer
    - sniper
    - dispeller
    - tank/meat shield
    - ambusher
    - shapeshifter
    - buffer
    - healer
    - frenzier (dps)
    - acrobat
    - tracker/scout
    - tinker

    If you're looking to have your work published or even just show off your character designs then this is the perfect opportunity! Please send your price requirements and your portfolio to Geo @ and we'll take a look! Work-for-hire agreements are preferred, but non-exclusive licenses will be considered. Project deadline in 3 weeks! (Sept 25.)

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    I think i will send a proposal.

    My work is under CC licences, you can see wich one apply in the work itself, if there is no CC logo, you can assume is an: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence

    Need more rights, just mail me and we can chat about it.

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