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Thread: Ancient Inventions w Terry Jones - E01 - City Life (1998)

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    Post Ancient Inventions w Terry Jones - E01 - City Life (1998)

    I stumbled on Ancient Inventions w Terry Jones on the um...darknet, and have been enjoying the first episode. It's topics include water transport, concrete, and city grids, so far (I'm about half-way through) and all lend themselves to city placement and subsequent growth.

    I thought I'd mention this British tv show here, as some of you may enjoy it (if you can track it down)...

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    They run it once in a while on History International Channel and History Channel. I found them very interesting and fun.
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    I've really enjoyed learning more about the how's and why's of world development here, in books like Germs, Guns, and Steel (if I got the order right), and tv shows like this one.

    So often, the concepts presented seem amazingly obvious once heard, but are far from my original unsupported assumptions (if I even thought about it)'s nice to have your head shaken now and then.

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