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Thread: Western Continent of Tarth

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    Post Western Continent of Tarth

    The hand drawn western continent of my world. I generally do political boundaries and names on separate color copies to reduce clutter, but this is the base map. enjoy.

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    I like it - simple and clear. Colored pencils?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrusssDaddy View Post
    I like it - simple and clear. Colored pencils?
    Colored pencils and ink pens. Simple is sort of forced due to scale. If I tried adding in all the names, roads, cities, and borders it would result in a cluttered mess. Unfortunately. Which is why I make copies and create my own "paper layers" of information...including ocean and air currents.

    I'm still working on this one yet so haven't gotten that far.

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    Nice work Go0gs! I want to see where this goes

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    Neat! - simple with nice, eye-pleasing colors.
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