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    Map Azer Spire Shrine and Magma Chamber

    I wrote the set piece for Paizo's Pathfinder #23, an adventure called, "Beyond the Chain of Fire," part of the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path ("AP"). The short adventure takes place entirely within a strange building originally called Azer Spire (hence the name on my website) but renamed Eye of the Red Worm by Paizo editors. The building rises from the Great Bazaar of the efreet's infamous City of Brass on the Plane of Fire.

    When I submitted the adventure's manuscript, I included the attached maps to guide Paizo's cartographer for the AP (the astonishing Rob Azzaretti). Here's the description of the spire from the outside:

    "In the heart of the Great Bazaar, amid a warren of shorter, haphazard edifices separated by narrow alleys of smoking metal cobbles, a gleaming brass building with a broad base twists up to a gigantic spire. The intricately wrought walls make the building appear constructed entirely of a mammoth chain, piled coil on top of twisted coil. A couple hundred feet up, narrow slots open in the spire’s lustrous sides. Continuous gouts of fire roar out of these vents, spiral around the pinnacle in great arcs, and merge into a fire column that corkscrews far up into the sky. A large double door of black iron hulks at the base of the structure, a small slotted window in the door closed firmly."
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