Yeah, I got CC a few days ago and it's weird because I can't pick a pre-defined template for Overland Maps (actually it seems I can't pick for any map type) O__o
I go like File -> New -> Overland Maps & Pick a pre-defined template -> Browse window, which is where I get stuck. I'm not even sure how I should choose them, but simple double-clicking doesn't work, right-click doesn't do a thing and Select Path button is useless.

Also according to all overland symbols.FCW file in the Examples folder there should be symbols Decid Treeline 2 & 3, but I can't find them anywhere. I can only find the Decid Treeline 1. I think I accidentally accessed some variation of a mountain symbol while looking through the QuickStart Guide yesterday, because it was aligned differently (not with CTRL+SHIFT style.)

Oh! Almost forgot, while drawing land or whatever other tools use it, L/R arrows don't work for Depth changing and U/D don't change anything either. The Trace thingie doesn't work. Randomize works, I think.

Ermm, are there any useful tutorials around the net?

Hehe, good start ^^