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    Wip WIP Continent of Karanor

    So I thought I'd just put up a sketch of my world map. This is the map I'm gonna try and to drawn in Photoshop in different styles as a learning process. That is both learning PS and how to draw maps proper. The outline of this map was hand-drawn and scanned into an old Photoshop 5.5 and then the mountains and forests were drawn by mouse. Way back... Already I have plans to change some of the coastline and archipelagoes, especially in the southern part by the desert.

    First I'll try the Pasis style which I like alot and in the process get more comfortable with Photoshop.

    Later I'll redo this map in Sepia as I quite like the brown parchment old school hand-drawn (wacom pen) style too.

    So now that I've told everyone on this forum, I'll have to finish this project or embarass myself

    The map is showing the main continent of the world Eldreth. It is a world, like so many, which has been changed by a cataclysm, The Shadow Cataclysm, which basically was a great civil war among a near Immortal race, which held great powers of magic. The civil war was incited (unknown to them) by their very own father who has hunted them through many worlds to avenge the greatest sin of his children, namely the theft of their mother's heart which enhanced their considerable magic powers.
    The Cataclysm has left the world with few spellcaster and few materials can hold magical energies for more than a few months before it erodes. All the Immortals were destroyed in the war but that is not known by the people of the Eldreth who believe the ascended to godhood and worship them as such.

    The continent of Karanor is generally temperate to sub-tropical, snow and ice only existing on the very highest of mountains even during winter time. The world of Eldreth is a plane rather than a planet and as such has no poles. This will probably cause all sorts of geographical, meteological and other problems that I'm not aware of, but hey.. its just fantasy.

    I'll post more background along with map progressions. Someday I might even get around to mapping all the different kingdoms and regions in detail.

    Hope you like.


    I have Imagined this to be aroound the size of Europe but I'm not very good with scales so perhaps that will change.
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