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    Map Mota

    Heya Everyone,

    This would be my first time posting anything here. I've been drawing maps since I was very young but only in the last month have I tried anything more than pen and paper. I decided to remake an old map of mine I used for a D&D campaign a couple years ago. I used RPGMaker2003 (of all things) for that map, and used Photoshop CS4 for this new one. The world itself borrows heavily from the Phantasy Star series and The Gunslinger.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. I'm still really new to actually coloring things. I'm so used to just shading it with a pen, so I'm trying to find my style all over again

    Here's the background I gave it for the D&D Campaign:

    AW 3542

    "I was told by my father that Mota used to be green and blue. I asked him, did you see it? He said no, that it had not been such for generations. That now this planet is yellow and brown, the colors of decay, he never explained how."
    - Valys Jehn, scholar

    "We truly are blessed to live here. Nowhere else in the world can you look out the window and see such beauty; a lake of gold!"
    - Miranda Oten, factory worker

    "I don't care who the hell he is, he looks at me funny again and he'll be dancing with the sewer-folk come sundown."
    - Giles "Odd Eyes" Bailey, outlaw

    There was a time when you could see the desert starting to reclaim the planet, hovering just beyond the plains and rivers. That time is long gone. There are few things left that show how Mota once was, a tree here or there, some grass growing along the old highway. The only real reminder of how this planet used to be is slowly being sucked dry in the name of progress. Water shortages and crime are on the rise, once reclusive outlaws are gaining more ground to terrorize as the law breaks down across the desert, a factory roars to life deep in the dunes, an entire city disappears leaving seemingly no trace, unknown artifacts are discovered that couldn't possibly be from this world, a casino war erupts in the heart of mirth, a resistance movement plans it's attacks, tribals begin to return to their ancestral homes, reports of sewer creatures worshiping some sort of God surface, earthquakes devastate a small community, people are going missing from Fortune City, an unknown disease runs across the lands...

    And much much more.
    Mota: The Desert World
    Click image for larger version. 

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