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Thread: Orkneyjar - Critique please!

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    Wip Orkneyjar - Critique please!

    Ok folks.. here's my first real map that's I've created since finding these boards, so I'd love your input to make it that little bit special!

    Firstly, I'm creating this world for a friend's Larp/RPG group, so I don't have much content control - I'm just the art director! Also I don't think the people who created the map were going for geographcial/physical accuracy - so forgive the things that are making me cringe (lack of decent rivers, mountains in random places).

    Secondly - As I'm sure you'll spot I've been heavily influenced by Bohunk and Wag's map (even going so far as to use his brush presets) - so I much thanks them both for giving me something to shamelessly copy!

    Lastly there is more to add; cities and towns, druid circles and even a whirlpool (I can't seem to get the icon right for that!) so it will have more to fill it out a bit.

    Ok.. do your worst folks.. any suggestions thoughts.
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    Looks like you are using the Ilshakefest font. It's a very nice font and I've used it myself but, as it is based on Shakespeare's script, it has curious kerning issues and the odd looking lower case "s", also the "u" is swapped with the "v."

    If you don't mind this then that's fine, but it does tend to stick out somewhat.
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    I think its a great start for your mapping hobby.

    My only thought is not actually about the appearance of the map... its about the purpose. If its supposed to be a high-level, reference map, the terrain features look a little small. If you maybe used fewer, larger icons it might look nicer given the simplicity of the map.

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    Looking good so far, I think the woodcut style around the continents would work well on this.
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    Ramah - yeah it is Ilshakefest.. but I couldn't find any decent flowing Celtic fonts I liked (which would seem to fit better with the map names) but I do quite like how it's turned out so far.

    MSA - There are a number of cities (15-20) to add.. so I think the scale is about right.. I think the problem lies in that there aren't very many other features than te ones on the map already.. so I'm having to extrapolate more from what I'm given.

    Steel Gen - I was thinking that or perhaps a variant Mercator style rings. Wood cut would seem the most appropriate.. is there a woodcut style guide on the site (there must be!)

    Thanks for the comments so far guys. Anyone else?

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