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Thread: Battlemaps with Photoshop?

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    Post Battlemaps with Photoshop?

    1. I am interested in creating a battlemap using photoshop. I have searched various sites for a video tutorial, or even a picture based, but all I've found are tuturials that show regions and continents. Has anyone found a tutorial that would help me.

    2. Also, could someone pleasetell me what program was used for the first map in the following link :
    My guess would be photoshop, but since I'm new I can't be sure.

    3. If someone wants to make a video tutorial, what program would you suggest?

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    Well, it's a raster program, whether it's PS, or Painter or PSP, who knows...but my guess is PS. Really pretty but the River Police are gonna cite it for multiple violations, though Not necessarily the artist's fault, could be the author's doing.
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    Wow. Does that river actually cross the same mountain range 3 times? I think we're going to call out the River National Guard for that one.

    Anyway, battlemats in Photoshop. A battlemat is much like a dungeon map: you need a grid, texture, and objects. I recommend starting with Duvik's dungeon tutorial in our Tutorials section, and then hit the Dundjinni user creations forums and for textures and objects.

    Also, check out Dorpond's tutorials, which cover some shadow techniques and battlemat-scale terrain building in PS:
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