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Thread: September Entry: Juggernaut1981 "Red Bluff"

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    Map September Entry: Juggernaut1981 "Red Bluff"

    Here is my first entry at the Cartographer's Guild. I was um-ing and ah-ing about doing it before I was retrenched, but being retrenched left me with plenty of time on my hands... so here it is.

    This is the originally village, but now city, of Red Bluff. Red Bluff takes its name from the red bluffs overlooking the ocean that run along the coastline. There is a small shallow bay originally suitable for fishing boats which were beached at high tide.

    The village was originally some scattered farmers and fishing people until the discovery of a copper deposit nearby. With the influx of miners and money the village has grown and just over 50 years ago, the King created the Shire of Red Bluffs and Red Bluffs Keep was constructed and handed over to a nobleman to be Lord of Red Bluffs. The Keep was placed to ensure the kingdoms supplies of copper mostly, but the King's Advisers think there may be more than just copper, since minerals often come together. Over the last 50 years a middle class has grown and the influx of money has brought technology, improved farming techniques and many more artisans to the area. While there is no market square, the main street contains most of the vendors of goods. Down near the Bay are warehouses, smokehouses and other trade sites. The North Side of the Bay has the barracks building for the small naval group commissioned by the first Lord of Red Bluffs, along with using the waste from the mine to build a rockwall to protect the naval ships from storms. Red Bluffs has a navy of one large three-mast schooner and two medium-sized two-mast galleons. Predominantly they escort shipments of copper along the coast, but are occassionally called upon to seek and destroy pirates that attack the shipping channels. The local area has been cleared of most of the trees for use in construction or to make way for pastures and fields of crops. With the improvements to farming, Red Bluffs has begun to export some of its grains and also started brewing from its local produce. An alchemist has taken up residence in the Lighthouse tower on the south of the bay and has also been working on making strong alcoholic spirits as well as selling potions for illnesses and providing medical assistance to the local people.

    I can't manage to embed the files, so here are 3 links. If you can help me do this, I'd be very appreciative. At the moment, they are links to my DeviantArt page.

    Combined Maps



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    First off... Welcome Aboard!
    ...and kudos for jumping right into a challenge.

    To attach files I always click on the "Go Advanced" button at the bottom of the entry screen. Then scroll down to 'Additional Options' and you'll see the "Manage Attachments" button. Pretty straight forward from there.

    A couple of things to remember, there are file size (depending on the file type) and pixel dimension limitations (~33megapixel). Though from what I could see none of your images should be a problem.

    Happy Mapping!
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    Post Hey Juggernaut!

    Hey Juggernaut, I noticed you were a new member here, yesterday and I was quite surprised. Glad you joined up!

    Hey Guild members, Juggernaut is one of my writers for Kaidan modules - in fact adventure one of The Gift which will be published/released next Monday, I deliniated the outline of the adventure, which was handed over to Juggernaut to do the bulk of the writing, then it goes to the publisher so he can make his tweaks, and now I have it in my hand to tweak some more, and untweak where I feel the publisher went wrong in my storyline.

    Basically, Juggernaut is one of my creative team!

    Welcome to the guild and good start on your project.

    To upload a map file, click the "paperclip" at the top of the "Reply to thread" menu, then hit browse and it searches on your PC to where your file is and you upload - that's it. There are some restrictions on file type and file size, as well as dimensional sizes, but the upload menu kind of explains that. Try it to upload your files again!

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    Thanks for the pointers GP.

    As he has said, I've been one of the team for the Gift and worked on some other bits and pieces. Hopefully now you'll be able to see the maps in the thread rather than having to jump to another page.

    Not sure if I'll hit the limit, the two main maps are A4 (300dpi) so they might hit limits... *shrug* I suppose I'll find out...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice maps !

    I see kudos but I don't see rep... allow me to make a start on that. I usually dish rep for anyone who joins with a challenge entry. Thats pretty cool.

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