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Thread: The worst river violations ever...

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    Post The worst river violations ever...

    I joined last week to make my comment on their forum regarding the map Torstan linked in his General Forums thread "map that needs some love".

    So I decided to upload my portfolio onto their site and three days later I received a commission from one of the other artists there. They don't want me to map per se, rather they want me to colorize an existing B/W map he is using for an online game site.

    Problem is, its the most River Violation riddled map I have ever seen. Although I'll do what he asks in coloring it in, I had to tell him all the river violations on his map. To the point that I want paid for the commission, but I really don't want credit for doing the work, as I do not want to be associated with such a violated map.

    I had to laugh, at how bad the river violations are! "Cringe"

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    Wow that's just ... wow.

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    Perhaps try thinking of them less as rivers, and more as very thin bits of sea between very close together land masses?

    That is pretty shocking.

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    Looks like one of my early maps before my time at the River Police Academy
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    its like.. all upside down. or sideways...
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    Have to agree with Torstan. Those aren't rivers, that's just a really closely-spaced archipelago.

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    We should require these so-called artists to do an internship here. Interesting concept, too bad the natural laws of geology prohibit something like this from ever actually happening. I'm with ya GP, I'd do the same thing. I might even go so far as to make a nice big cartouche and fancy title with the original artist's name on it instead of mine...or yours in this case, you know what I mean
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    Ok, the river riddled swamp I can see...kinda. But the others are just WOW!
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    Yeah, but that is just a flood plain that hasn't finished draining yet GP's example is just WRONG
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