Commision - I would prefer unpaid, though depending on the quality of work, i'd be willing to pay upwards towards a hundred dollars for this (if done to my satisfaction of course).

Time Constraints - None

Style - hard to say exactly (read description of request for more info)

Quality/Size - would prefer semi/professional for web.
no limitation upon size of map

Copyright - I'm wishing this for use in a fantasy game I'm making, so thats the only thing I'd use it for. Beyond that, the creator is welcome to use it for whatever they desire.

Description - To begin with, I don't particularly know about the size in miles and units of measure such as that. For anyone who has ever played Final Fantasy 7, the original city of Midgard is what I'm kind of desiring this city based off. It's a multi-tier/level city, meaning there was a ground level, then hundreds of feat into the air, there was an 'upper crust' level with more buildings. My desire is to use this sort of idea, but altered. I'd prefer this city to be a very large port town, optimal for trade/adventure. There will of course be huge walls surrounding the area, meaning there is generally one or two ground entrances, plus an entrance from the ocean. The ground level will consist primarily of the 'slums' of the city, as well as going upwards to middle class, which means some decent housing and business in some areas, and poverty ridden slums in others. It would also have a port within for the ships. Then, hundreds of feat in the air, held up by large support pillars, there will be a large upper crust, close to the side of the ground level, set upon multiple 'plates' where upper class would live, such as nobles, royalty, and all the more 'prestigous' schools and such woud be. There'd be towers, large academy's/schools, mansions, and perhaps even a small castle/corporate building of some kind. But in the middle between these two floors, there would be a smaller level, only perhaps half the size of either other (perhaps smaller) that would be the 'merchant' level. Pretty much this is the mainstream of all industry in the city, such as inns (the primary setting will be a rather grand Inn) business for weapons, armor, magic items, mundane items, and all that. It would have a direct lead to the ground level, upper level, as well as a direct path to the ports (for sailors stopping long enough to ressuply, and make their way back off). Lots of houses of entertainment, bars, and such things. I kind of have a faint idea of how I would like it to look in my mind, but I don't really have enough artistic ability to try and draw it down.

Also, on a side note of this, I'd also be interested in having someone (same person or different) do a layout of the Inn.

Any help anyone would be willing to give me on either of these requests would be greatly apprecated... thank you very much (even if all you did was take the time to read this... its greatly appreciated).