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Thread: September Entry: The Celesian Empire

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    Map September Entry: The Celesian Empire

    This map shows the continent of Drovia and the Celesian Empire on the planet Terrneva, 2870 years after the colonial transport MIMAS crashed down on the planet (after being pulled into an unknown region of space by a unknown hyperspace effect).
    The freight of the MIMAS consisted of: 300.000 colonists including material and animals bound for planet Roma Nova (Roman Revivalists/low level tech), 40.000 colonists bound for planet Triibaaldii (Inventive Creativists) and 15.000 frozen specimen of recreated sauroids including 40 persons of scientific staff bound four planet Crichton's Vision.
    After loosing modern technology (which the Roman Revivalists didn't have too much anyway) civilization rose again and the Celesians (descendants of a group of the Roman Revivalists) built the largest empire on the planet. The actual level of technology is comparable to mid 16th century Terran Standard Calendar. Language is a bastardized form of Latin.

    I hope I met the theme of the September challenge good enough.

    The pictures of the ships and dinosaurs I took from Wikipedia, everything else is my creation. Mountains and trees are brushes I found here in the resources thread.

    EDIT: After the useful comments of Gandwarf and Redrobes I changed the map and added dates to the provinces and some islands which shown the year of colonization, incorporation or conquest.

    Additionally, I decided to 'translate' the legend here:

    Magnificient Map
    of the continent of Drovia
    and nearby islands
    showing the Celesian Empire
    in the Imperial Year 1618
    in the year 2780 after landing from the stars
    in the 20th year of reign of great
    Emperor Falko VII
    capital town
    major town major fortress
    holy city of landing
    imperial streets
    Celesia - province
    Angrevia - military province
    Celesia - town

    (238 ) Year of colony foundation
    (303) Year of incorporation [this is by diplomatic means]
    (1412) Year of conquest

    ### Latest WIP ###
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