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    Post Map for Roleplaying Group

    Hail and well met;

    I was hoping I could haggle with a cartographer-type person to help me with a map.
    My roleplaying group is currently getting ready to dive back into Earthdawn and we wanted to change up the scenery, so instead of using the same ole map we were wanting to use a different map.

    We, or I should say I, decided an easy way to do one would be to use a current land formation and just mess with it a bit. Seeing as how I live in North America, that seemed a prime candidate for messing up(changing some geographical elements).

    If this sounds doable to someone I sure wouldn't mind the help(I have no artistic skill other than talking and that skill isn't 'all that')

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    It appears that no one is interested. Oh well..

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    Providing more detail might get you more interest.
    A good start is the Readme-Post for map requests located here.
    Also, a good description or a sketch of the area might help a lot.

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    Okay lets try this again then. Thanks for the heads up Tear

    I really like unpaid but I am willing to pay for someone's time I have a price that I am willing to go up to, but not go over no idea if it is a feasible number or not.

    Time Constraints

    * Hmmm, I think 5 months would be as far as I would be willing to go.


    * I have no particular style request, I would defer to maker's choice

    Description of Map

    * Re-envisioning of the North American continent
    * Still working on all the details I have some, nearly all of it is geography changing based(adding a small mountain range near the Great Lakes [Wi, Mi area] Changing chunks of Mexico Arizona and NM to Jungle, etc.
    * The scale would stay the same.

    Quality & Size

    * [Professional / semi professional] Yes
    * [Required for print] Yes
    * [Dimensions of map: x inches by y inches (or pixels)] No Idea
    * [Raster / Vector] Clueless here

    Copyright - (as simple or complex as you need. If you want something watertight consult a lawyer, the suggestions below are just for illustrative purposes and may not provide the protection you require).

    This map will be used purely by 7 people playing an RPG. I just want the use of it. Names particular to the RPG we use need not be placed on map I can do that. If that helps in copyright issues.

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