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Thread: bonjour or hello

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    Post bonjour or hello

    hello everyone

    I am glad to find a guild of the cartographers finally.
    there does not have in French, but I think that I will arrive to read everything.
    Above all, sorry for my faults in English.

    Since 5 years, I try to make maps with the basic software Paint.
    But now, I have 2 news software: ArtRage 2.5 and photoshop element (the last one i think).
    I work on Mac.

    I'm here to see work of other people, and to receive a quantity of advice to improve.
    I would like to set up at the same time my studies in geography and my passion to make map.


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    Post Welcome!

    Welcome to the Guild!

    Photoshop Elements can certainly be used to create maps. You might want to check out the various Photoshop Tutorials on the site, although not Elements per se, they can certainly get you into the right direction.

    Most here are Windows based users, but a few Mac users too.

    Visit the tutorials forum, and view the Finished maps forums. If you have any questions, please ask and someone will be able to answer them for you.

    We have a few French speaking members here, not me however.

    Again, welcome.

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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome to the guild.

    We have many types of mappers here, using many different types of software.

    Mainly we use here:

    GIMP/PHOTOSHOP. This seems to be the majority of users.GIMP is a free version very similar to Photoshop.

    Profantsy's CC3 is a paid program that is used by may to make various types of Dungeon/City/Overland maps.

    Dundjinni is a similar program to CC3
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    Bonjour et bienvenue!

    No worries about the English; my French is much worse despite 7 years of classes

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    Welcome, I am learning French but I make a lot of mistakes too so don't worry about it. I keep saying that the French members should put themselves on the members map...

    ... but they don't seem to. We would have a lot in France by now if they all had done so.

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    Bienvenue a Cartographer's Guild.

    While we speak en anglais on this board, we have members from all across the world, so I think we're probably a little forgiving of being rough around the edges with English. Just as long as you're forgiving of those of us who butcher French whenever we attempt to write or speak it!
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