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Thread: Making an Atlas Need Some Advice

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    Help Making an Atlas Need Some Advice


    I'm making an Atlas of fantasy maps and I would like to do them in the style of HandsomeRob's tutorial.

    OK I have Photoshop cs2, Illustrator cs2, Gimp, and can get Inkscape at any time if I need to (Hell it's free).

    Now I'm using FTPro to create maps. is there any technique I can use to smooth out the FT's fractal spaghetti and make it look more like a modern Atlas style map?

    Another question is about using real world maps and modifying them to my specifications to place in my maps. This is if I can't get the FT stuff to work out for me. Any thing I need to know or some tutorials to point me towards.

    EDIT: Sorry that was a dumb question. Just import them into photoshop and do as Ye will.

    One of my drawbacks is I don't have the money to get those really nice 3d programs. One I did look at was WorldMachine. That is one strange program. Anyone here ever use it and is it worth it to figure out?

    Thanks all !!!!! Love this place. I have learned a lot in the time I'v been here!
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