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    Hi just got into map maker. Ive been gaming for a while and making maps for most of that, recently I've been getting more serious about improving my skills for digital aplications. I have an AAS in Comp ENG, and within the last year have taught myself rudementry skills in several computer languages; including C# , Python, HTML, CSS. Before any one Gets on here I know that the following are not true prog langs, but more like sub scripting. As my profile says I am an Aviation Operations Specialist for the National Gaurd.

    I hope to get much better at using progs like GIMP to make my maps. Right no I am very rudementry on maping programs, the tile based ones still look like tiles and the Autorealm still look like kid drawings.

    Any who Ill be posting updates and looking for feed back as I go.

    You can find some of my current games at the following:

    There is a sample map under the cold light campaign.

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    C# is sorta proper language kinda. But python is alright (not as good as perl tho... LOL) and does integrate with Gimp so worth hacking with. A few scripters on here inc myself but RobA does a lot of Gimp scripting with python and script fu.

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