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Thread: The Wonderful Ending Touch

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    Question The Wonderful Ending Touch

    I mean... What do you do to maps once they are finished? or more specifically, What effects do you aply on them?

    For example: Sharpen, Blur, Contrast, etc.

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    Usually the last thing I do is a frame (if I decide to use one). I rarely put 1 overall effect on the entire map.
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    With sharpening, as with photography it depends on whether you're sharpening for print or displaying on the web etc etc.

    With sattelite type maps I tend to:

    1. Overlay/multiply (low opacity) on top of the map a colour layer (usually a parchmenty type textured one) which unites all the colours below it.

    2. Sometimes use a curves adjustment layer to bring out bits I want - but rarely because rather than with a photograph, you tend to have the colours / contrast etc you want as you draw the map.

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    I find I'm fighting to keep details crisp. Global sharpening usually creates as many problems as it fixes.

    Lettering, frame, graticule, compass, basically an information layer.


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