It has been a while since I last posted. Many reasons abound for my absense. Although they may explain, they are still not a reason.

1) I got a job with the State of New Mexico as a Geographic Information Technician Specialist (GITS).
2) I am still in college, now working on a Masters Degree.
3) Met a very interesting lady, although we are still only friends, becoming good friends, and who knows where it will yet lead...
4) Still a moderator on another forums board (
5) Have a new house which is need of some repair (ever seen "Money Pit" with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long?).
6) Many other RL issues...

However, I have come back to offer some starter maps which are colorized shaded reliefs.


Starter Maps

Many of these maps are large. I think the smallest is (provided memory serves) about 2750 pixels by 1720 pixels. Also available is the original PSD file and a ZIP file with everything. Just for a head knocker, it takes me about four hours to make one of these. One of these maps you have already seen posted here...


And here are some other examples if I were to use a land masker:


I know, some of the maps have the same name. That is laziness at work not wanting to invent new names every time I make a map.

If desired, I can make a map for any who might want this type of Base Map to work from. Just let me know. However, also know that work, college, et al, may make response times with some time lag.

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