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Thread: "Holy Isle" isometric sketch-up

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    Map "Holy Isle" isometric sketch-up

    Hello, friends. Thought I would post my latest: an isometric sketch-up of an ancient, abandoned "Holy Isle" from my GURPS campaign. My players traveled to the island once before, but left without completing their task (to find a mysterious "holy font" they were told was located on the Isle). Now they are returning, one year later (in both game time and real time!)

    The former map I used for during the first visit was a Dundjinni plan-view of the island, but this time I went the other extreme by creating a hand-sketched, bird's-eye angular view, which also includes pull-outs of many of the major rooms and sights the players experienced their last visit.

    This was a fun task, & a fairly quick job (considering the size of the map). I hope you like it. You can find it here:

    Take care!
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    Very nice! I must say, I would like to see something done up in 3D of this. Hmm... I could be convinced... LOL

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    This is absolutely brilliant. I am quite impressed. I would say that I wish the picture would extend the entire way -- I rather dislike how it fades out toward the edges as the fade is inconsistent. I also dislike the fade because the quote in the bottom left corner then fades back in and that seems odd to me. I also think the lines leading from the bubbles to the map are too thick, but that's nit-picky and a personal opinion.

    Beyond that, I love it. You have a great color scheme here that really fits the feeling well. This really is a great piece.
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    I'm stunned! That is beautiful for being a sketch. I wish my sketches were half that good. I love the concept as much as the drawing. Fabulous.

    You have been duly repped!

    EDIT: I have to concur about the leader lines and circle borders. Against the sketched look they are just too clean and thick and distract a bit. I have no problem with the fade off although a different color than white might be a bit more pleasing to the eye.
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    Very nice job. I too wish I could do that sort of thing. The whole perspective thing just gets me every time.

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