Hello, friends. Thought I would post my latest: an isometric sketch-up of an ancient, abandoned "Holy Isle" from my GURPS campaign. My players traveled to the island once before, but left without completing their task (to find a mysterious "holy font" they were told was located on the Isle). Now they are returning, one year later (in both game time and real time!)

The former map I used for during the first visit was a Dundjinni plan-view of the island, but this time I went the other extreme by creating a hand-sketched, bird's-eye angular view, which also includes pull-outs of many of the major rooms and sights the players experienced their last visit.

This was a fun task, & a fairly quick job (considering the size of the map). I hope you like it. You can find it here: http://www.ormonds.net/rpg/westaven/...islandview.jpg

Take care!