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    Help Starsiege Resources

    I am a great fan of the old starsiege games(old but good). Am seeking resources on the planets and maps of the tribes evil machines universe. I have been fishing through the users pages from Finding some good stuff here and there but I feel like there should be( even if there is not) constellation maps and ideas from the planets and gallactic clusters involved in the waring factions, ie: machines, humans, and aborigonal humans. I even am thinking of using ideas from the battlestar gallactica saga to fill in gaps, like solar systems and such. I have a pretty good start on the star mapping and planetary info of our own solar system but would like to find some good resources on the fictional ideas ( kind of like the discovery channel show with fictional eco systems and analyses of the life therein) Anyway before i ramble thanks in advance.

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    Cant Anyone say they have a flight of fancy every once and a while for the intrigue involved in our favorite fanatical universe? Please Someone aknowledge this great Fantasy Universe!!

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    I've honestly never heard of it....
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    What you're doing sounds like a neat idea, but I've never heard of the game.. and I'm not really well versed on the creation of starmaps..

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    Post Wow. You Guys Missed Out.

    All I can Think to say is wow. I remember the first game that cought My eye when I was 13 years old starsiege tribes. I bought it and played that Sh*t till I couldn't anymore(physically). and I am still playing it today(just in a different way, its early torque, half open source, so i code with it). My Gawd building huge buildings in that game and destroying enemy bases was awsome, Now I just Build things, But the thing that relates to cartography is the storylines and planets involved. they are just vast and largely populated with turrets, chasm's, buildings, all kinds of structures that people build with there own mod, so a good map maker/programmer could really have an edge in finding his way around the large population of objects and interactive obstacles ( remember i said its half open source ).

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    I have some more info to add That I should have told you all.
    Not only is the ideas and fundamental game play behind this game great.
    but also this game is an old torque engine replicate, which means that almost all of the games mechanics are c-savy interpretable. If you download this game( it is free ) not only will it expose you to programming, but also you can transform the game into a map making program ( on the fly ) remember I said it is interpreted, just hit the tilde(~) and you get a torque script (very similiar to c++) console. Go Get This Game, It has limitless potential, Oh ! and by the way I will take request's for a copy of this game, or you can download for free from a local game mirror like fileplanet, and can someone get a convo going about extracting the unkown api from this game and the graphics like maps embedded in the object files. Thanks!

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    GodDamnit the games free now, Hasn't Anyone checked it out?

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    The link is broken.
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    You have to remember as well that not everyone here is a big time game player. I played "Tribes" but I'm not sure if it's the same game. It doesn't sound like it because you said you can build stuff with this one and I don't recall that ever being a part of the game. All I remember is flying around with my jetpack and blowing up the enemies. Good stuff and very fun.
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