Hi all,

Just signed up and browsing around this site I see some mindblowing talent.

I run a MUD (multi-user dungeon) that has been online since 1996. The game has an "ASCII based map" generated on the fly by the game code. It was always designed with the idea of one day the ASCII would be replaced with real graphical tiles, and I'm at the start of that process.

The address of the game is www.aardwolf.com and you can see a couple of the example maps in the links below. Detail is sparse because it is ASCII, but each 'square' on the map also has a detailed room description that better sets the theme.

The City of Aylor : http://www.aardwolf.com/temp/aylor-realmap.jpg
A small maze area: http://www.aardwolf.com/temp/labyrinth-realmap.jpg

And the monster 3000 room Continent of Mesolar: http://www.aardwolf.com/temp/mesolar-realmap.jpg

The whole game is almost 40,000 rooms in total so we have our work cut out and this isn't going to happen overnight. Each 'tile' will be 24x24 pixels, although of course many will be re-used/recolored over and over.

I suspect we'll be making good use of the "paid work" section once we really start rolling. Feel free to contact me in the meantime if this sounds like something you'd be interested in. The 'Shadowfell' map in the showcase section is a perfect example of the kind of thing we'll be making and some of the continent maps also in the showcase section would be a perfect fit for 'Mesolar'.

Hope this intro wasn't too long!