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    Post A Song of Ice and Fire - The Citadel

    A Song of Ice and Fire is George R.R. Martin's series of novels detailing the machinations, wars, and conflicts that swirl around Westeros and the Lands of the Summer Sea.

    Tear has already done a great depiction of the lands of Westeros at

    I recently came across a fan site that has even more amazing maps set in Martin's World--The Citadel. Its Gallery page can be found at Check out the galleries for Joe Fullerton (deleted as of 4-9-12).

    Update 4-9-12: Sadly, J.E. Fullerton has taken his Deviantart gallery down, so the original images that were linked from the Citadel to his gallery and were posted in the original post have vanished as well. Thanks to the linking and copying of the interwebs however, many of the images can be found in other spots.

    The link site hosts quite a few at: Check out King's Landing, the White Tower, the North, Qarth, Braavos, Dragonstone, and Pentos. Lower in the post are spectacular illustrations of various key sites in A Song of Ice and Fire by Ted Nasmith. His site can be found at: Check out Harrenhal -, Dragonstone -, and the Hightower at Oldtown - among the many Westeros Illustrations on his site. Finally, Sitharval on Photobucket has a massive collection of Fullerton's, Nasmith's, and others illustrations and maps of A Song of Ice and Fire at
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