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    Map Broken Tower

    This is a map of a broken tower seen in the 1985 AD&D module, The Temple of Elemental Evil. It's a huge structure, and houses many troops. it was a real challenge for me because of all the ground that I had to render. I am not good at wilderness mapping, heh.

    The map is at full 100dpi resolution at a scale of 5 ft = 1 inch, so it's quite big (2.7 Mb)
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    Very pretty. How did you do all the shadows inside? They give a great sense of the lighting.

    My one quibble is the blue grey region around the outside of the tower. Is is a moat? If so, it looks like it is raised above the ground because of the bevel on the edges. Otherwise, a really pretty map.

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    Tintagel, yet another nice updated "classic D&D" map! Love it! This was all done in Photoshop, right? Wow.

    I tried to find some criticism/ suggestions, and I hope you appreciate it, because it was tough!! Only petty nitpicky stuff could be found
    I agree with Torstan that the moat looks odd--both the edge of it, and the direction of the ripples, which are mainly perpendicular with the tower; in a (very) strong wind this could happen, but most likely they would follow the shoreline's contour, I think. Also, the tupper shadow from the table in the main room may be a bit off (I could be wrong about that). And finally, although you've added shadows to the floor where objects lie, the objects themselves are not IN shadow enough; the grain sacks, for example, each have a bright highlight on them. This gives the objects a neon, false feeling (if, that is, you look closely with a magnifying glass!!! hahaha)

    Otherwise, another highly detailed, richly detailed map. Keep 'em comin!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pyrandon View Post
    Tintagel, yet another nice updated "classic D&D" map! Love it! This was all done in Photoshop, right? Wow.
    I'll throw my hat into the ring and guess that it's actually done with Dundjinni.
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    Nice work!

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    Hey folks,

    I didn't receive my email notification when replies were made, so I hope you forgive me for not replying.

    The blue ring is actually a sloped stone embankment, or I interpreted it as such. I dunno what purpose it serves, but the original module had it, and I was just concerned with doing a faithful conversion. Here is the original map from the module, for reference.

    This map was made in Dundjinni, with post-work in Photoshop.

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