First off, thank you to all who read this even if you are not interested in accepting. I would like to do the map myself but I really have no idea of how to make a map at all and due to pressure from others I don't have time to learn as I need to get it done asap...


I am willing to discuss possible payment for someone that can design UO maps that fall within my needs. I am however employed at basically a min wage job so I can not pay much unless you are willing to accept payments.

Time Constraints

The sooner the better of coarse. I have staff people ready to customize and decorate the world and players waiting for it to open.


Ultima Online game map

Quality & Size

Looking to eventually replace all game maps


I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain nor give or sell it to others persons for use.


This shard is being created for a specific target group of players. We are all medievalists and belong to multiple living history recreationist organizations (mainly the SCA and the Adrian Empire). The game is being created to give us a way to participate and continue in the RP story line within our groups when we are not together bashing each other with real weapons.

If you know anything about UO then you have the basic idea of what the game is all about, now imagine the game without monsters and magic; basically all fantasy elelments removed making the game into more of a medieval simulation. Monsters are replaced with hordes of barbarians, traveling road bandits, etc. Magic still somewhat exsists but only in the forms of herbalism and alchemy only. The attempt is to make the game ultra realistic.

If you help on this project you will have pretty much artistic freedom. There is a list of inclusions; mainly town names, locations etc which are derived from the organizations in which we participate. Each town should have water access to the surrounding sea either by being coastal or river access allowing for our corsair (pirate) members to rp in each town.

There are very few caves and even fewer dungeons, this is to be more real life.

UO does have multiple maps and all of them can be used to incude everything we need to.

There does need to be an island or something that is netural. This island should contain a grand city and the palace of the Emperor and Empress along with the forums were the Imperial Estates are free to meet.

Contact me for more information or if interested....

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