I got started table-top gaming about 10 years ago. I've worn so many RPG hats over those years, but the one that bears the most wear is that of a designer. I've designed so many worlds I can't remember half of them. I've also created quite a few maps (most hand-drawn) for those worlds and the various places within them. My eyes were opened not very long ago, however, about some of the more obvious flaws in a map I'd just finished. It was bad. And it prompted me to aspire to more excellence in my map making.

So, this many years later, I'm wrapping up a completely new game system that I've designed and at the same time creating a campaign setting to test it with, and I want this map to be more accurate. And so I've come here. Looks like a nice place to mingle and learn and I can't wait to get my hands dirty.