Hello im new and have been researching this website for the past 2 days and im impressed and overwhelmed at the same time. I use to play DnD then conned out for the easy digital versions wich became boring like EQ WoW need I say more. I have uninstalled my games from my comp and have been taking up the hobby of writing sci fi/fantasy. I havnt published anything or have finished a book for that matter but I am loving this hobby of mine. I love creating art in all forms especially in the form of story.

So I basicly want to make some maps for my stories and have been trying Rob A's award winning gimp tutorial. I have never used any programs so his tutorial has been chalenging for me. I just got stuck on trying to invert haha pretty noob stuff.

Thanks for your inspiration, creativity and guidance.

p.s. Hoka Hey is a title of one of my favorite stories about Crazy Horse one of the Lakota Cheifs from midwest.