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Thread: First map - The Watching Sun

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    Map First map - The Watching Sun

    Hey y'all! I'm starting a D&D campaign and I used the awesome tutorials here to make a map of the world. I mainly went by Ascencion's Atlas style, so many thanks to him. I did add some touches of my own, but mostly it's the tutorial. It took me about 5 hours from start to finish I think, most of the time was spent on town placement and naming.
    Tell me what you think!

    edit: ugh forgot to change the lame thread title. if a moderator could rename it to "First Map - The Watching Sun" that would be great
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    Great map BONUS! You nailed the style really well. Have some reputation.
    You have some interesting names in your map as well.
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    That's a really nice map. I like it a lot. Nicely done.
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    A wonderful map. Not the "same old thing" I'm used to seeing. I think you may have too many mountains, but I love the balance between forests and settled lands. Swamplands could also be a bit more distinctive. I repped you, for whatever that's worth.
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    very nice first map. Lots of nice looking places to go. Could use a bit more variety in terrain type but it sure does the trick as is.
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    Quite nice, especially for your first attempt.

    Oh, and Welcome Aboard!
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    Not too shabby. Nice job.
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    I think these are the best mountains I've seen out of Ascension's tut so far - I haven't seen all the maps, of course, but I usually have trouble seeing what's up and down in them. Not this time, though, so have some rep.

    I think the main differences are that your base colors are a bit more muted than others, and your mountains are a bit darker. Works very well for me.

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    Definitely impressed with those mountains, here, have some rep (what little I have to give at least).

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    Thanks guys! Very nice to be aboard, map making is definitely really fun.

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