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    Post [Rite Publishing/Fantastic Maps] Breaking of Fostor Nagar (PFRPG/Maptool)

    Art by Jonathan "Torstan" Roberts

    Savage battlecries echo through the streets The cannibalistic troops of The Hungering Legion have breached the gates, and the defenders have been routed. Your ambassador must be rescued from

    The Breaking of Forstor Nagar
    City of Grinding Ice

    Do you have players who have moved away? Or a group of friends from your favorite Rpg message board you wish you could play with? Well now is your chance to get a user-oriented custom design with hands on support as this adventure is designed to function both as a traditional adventure and for use with the free Maptool virtual tabletop Checkout our website to find out more!

    Designer: Ben McFarland (ENnie award winning designer, Tales of Zobeck)
    Cartography: Jonathan Roberts (Kobold Quarterly: Maps of Mystery Bandit Lair, The Sand Dragon Inn)
    Token Artist: James Hazelett (Devin Knight's Gaming Tokens)
    Editor: Mark Moreland (Pathfinder Wiki)
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