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    Post Map for comparison

    So I drew this map in paint about a year ago. And I just discovered this site a couple days ago, and I used Roba's tutorial to make a better looking map in GIMP. Anyway, on to the request:

    I would like a volunteer (or two if there's more than one person interested), to make a duplicate of the provided map in whatever your favorite method. No time limit, and I repeat, this is volunteer, so I'm not paying. When you're done, I'll post my map up and we can compare. (I may even use your map for my group if it's better than mine (very likely), with your permission, of course).

    Green is forests, obviously. You can ignore the dots and grey and red-brown lines. the brown lines mark mountain ranges, blue rivers and lakes (obviously), and yellow is desert. Also, ignore all but the middle river on the right of the vertical mountain range.
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    The River Police are on their way.

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    This may need the River S.W.A.T. team!

    There are some basic rules to follow when doing rivers (unless of course you have a reason for them to be the way they are.).

    1. Think of a river system as something similar to a tree. The smaller tributaries, etc. (starting at higher elevations) they will 'merge' into larger branches, which will then in turn 'merge' into the main river course (the trunk) which empties into the sea/ocean.
    2. Lakes can have several 'sources' but will have only a single outlet.

    Hopefully you'll get a couple of folks here to take you up on this, heck maybe I will if I have time.
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    Comparison, to see how well I did. And cause I'm curious about what other people will come up with.

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