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    Map Miranda Maps for Serenity

    This forum was looking a bit forlorn, so here is a little something I whipped up for a game last week. I didn't spend much time on it since it was entirely for "personal consumption" and meant to be sent to the PCs for their perusal via email.

    A general map of a dead colony world and a specific map showing the site the players were headed for in the game. Both are done for black and white (or nearly so) in my minimalist style.

    Background (unnecessary I guess for these forums, but none the less...)

    My group is presently playing Serenity (based on the Firefly universe). The game takes place after the movie, so the revelations of the movie have occurred (including that all but a tiny portion of the Miranda colony perished when the 'Pax' was released into the air by the government to keep a lid on the aggression of those that lived there down -- most died the others.... oi). A new government in Parliament, in order to stifle criticism and balm the dissenters in the Rim Worlds, sent a massive fleet to Miranda where the Reavers were located only to find it abandoned (apparently).

    Now that the Reavers have been "chased out" (only they haven't shhh) of that area of space by the full weight of the Alliance military, salvage operations have opened up, creating a boom economy for the nearby settlement Lao Ma (which I have posted elsewhere) where many of the salvage dogs congregate. It is kind of Deadwood in space.

    In their latest Adventure, the PCs stumbled on a slave ring that had taken one of their NPC dependents when the PCs were off mucking about. The PCs traced the slavers to a salvage site on Miranda and the following maps were done (fast in one case) and provided to the PCs...
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