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Cruzamento De Rio is a fantasy city created by Coyotemax, using Ascension's city tutorial. The original city map was beautiful already, but Coyotemax did another version 50 years in the future. The town has grown a lot since then, adding more houses, new walls, a second mill and a second bridge. We think the end result is spectacular and can be considered a work of art. Don't neglect to look closer at the cartouche and border of the map. You will be amazed!

Coyotemax says:
The town itself has expanded, mostly on the west bank. The walls have been completely rebuilt, including tearing down the original stone section to be replaced with more sturdy construction. There is a second mill now based on the design of the first, a dual waterwheel variation. The bridge has been rebuilt with stone. A second bridge has been added, this one is still made of wood partly for economic reasons and partly for defense.

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