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Thread: Kingdom Map beginning

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    Wip Kingdom Map beginning

    Ok been on here a bit and except for my greeting post I have been dormant. Been reading the tutorials on here and experimenting with some stuff in gimp. So far I have something interesting, though it needs alot of fine tuning.

    Attached is the start of it the original map was superimposed as an overlay while I was working. My head hurts from staring at the comp to long so I'll ost a clean version in a bit.

    Sugestions, comments, pointers?
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    Ok so I went stupid and saved the Jpeg, but did not go back and save the Gimp file soooo long story short, I will be a bit longer posting the updated map as I have to redo the Mountains and stuff.

    I feel like a freaking retard

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    Heres the original map done in atorealm
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    I do that a lot as well and I always feel like a doof. Just keep pluggin away and we'll see where things go. Not much to say just yet.
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    Ok got over the not saved thing, decided to work on the mountains a bit later any way. I am using the tut listed here for the majority of it. THe technuique he used for the dirt was used for the rocky parts as well I modified that technuiqe for the forest as I didn't want that so random.

    Steps moded for the stone:
    Follow the directions as given. After I got to where his directions finishe I applyed the layer masked, notice there where some stone where I didn't want them (namely in the water) so I aplied another layer mask with the land mask channel. Distort as apropriate.
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    Here are a couple of things i noticed.

    First, I really like your coloring. works really well. The rocky areas look a little too random for me. usually when i look at maps, there is some suggestion of pattern (whether it be weather wear, or ancient glacial recession, etc. (Just an idea).

    The lake looks a little angular (along with the island). Looks more like a man made lake than a natural one. I would suggest adding some Greeblies to the mix. Break up the straight lines a bit.

    i'm sure some of the more experienced ppl will give you better suggestions,


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    Thanks for the sugestions Davros, I will work on somthing with the rocks. As far as Greeblies, youll have to forgive me as I am new to mapping like this and have no idea what that is. I'm using gimp to make this if this helps.

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    K went through the forums and found out what you ment by Greeblis. At this time I am going to start this process ove so that I can fix the lake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shantedracule View Post
    saved the Jpeg, but did not go back and save the Gimp file
    Yeh, I've never done that.

    Another thing I've never done is write a script that flattens, grayscales, saves, and closes the file -- thus destroying all layer data and even color data. I've especially never accidentally run that script on my only copy of a map I had put twenty-some hours' work into. Never done that.


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    Makes me feel a bit more normal knowing that I am not the only one that makes these kinda mistakes.

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