after all these years of using photoshop I actually know very few keyboard commands, just never felt the need to get into using them before. And since I was primarily dabbling, or cleaning up scanned images which didn't take too much effort, I was getting by just fine. But now that I find myself really working with it on a daily basis, I've started becoming familiar with shortcuts.

And of course, i've been learning them as I go, mostly by either remembering to pay attention when i use the mouse to choose something and looking to see what the keystroke is, or someone surprises me during a tutorial or a WIP discussion From what I've seen from other reactions, it appears a lot of people learn similar to the way I do, haphazardly.

So to make things a tad easier, I found a way to get CS3 to export the keyboard command list. It's actually easy to do, I'd just never thought of it before. I don't know if earlier versions will do this, and cs3 and up, at least, are customizeable, so if you've played around with yours, this list may not be useful - but you can generate your own listing by going into Edit> Keyboard Shortcuts and use the Summarize button.

From what I recall, it looks like most of the default commands would be useful for ps7 at least, so I'm tossing my list up on the web to make it easy for people to skim through if they don't feel like going through the effort of making their own

Thanks to toff and Steel General for this idea

Photoshop Default Keyboard Commands (clicky)